5 Advantages of da Vinci Gynecological Surgery over Traditional Surgery

dreamstime_s_51644116We invite patients to check out Dr. Heidi Wittenberg’s review of the top five advantages of da Vinci gynecological surgery over traditional surgery. Dr. Wittenberg explains the benefits of robotic surgery as well as who is a good candidate for this type of surgical procedure. We encourage patients interested in learning more about da Vinci surgery with Dr. Wittenberg to contact UGCSF today.

  1. Da Vinci surgery allows for faster recovery. 

Using robotic instruments allow for smaller incisions, less bruising/pain around the incisions, and less blood loss. Because of these factors, you have less pain, need less post-op pain medications which can have side effects, and can return to life and work faster.

2. Da Vinci surgery provides reduced pain post-surgery.

A) Incisions are smaller because the instruments are smaller.

B) The instruments articulate like your hand and this is done inside your abdomen. There is a lot less manipulation on your abdominal wall which occurs with traditional laparoscopic instruments (these straight stick instruments use your abdominal wall as the fulcrum for movement and most of the pressure that occurs because of this causes discomfort, bruising and post op pain). Open incisions are even more painful because they are larger and many nerve endings and muscle layers are cut.

3. Da Vinci surgery offers smaller incisions.

Smaller incisions, less blood loss, more precise surgery results in minimal scarring, decreased infection and decreased pain.

4. Da Vinci helps your surgeon with precision.

Da Vinci allows magnification and a 3-D experience of being close up to the working area of surgery. The surgeon controls 3-4 instruments at any time which facilitates complicated surgery and makes the procedure safer and more precise. The instruments move around like your hand and can do 360 degrees of movement, so hard to get areas are easier to access. Having a high powered camera and small instruments that move well allow very precise surgery in hard to access areas.

5. Da Vinci is offered for a wide range of gynecological surgery needs.

Da Vinci can be used for any laparoscopic procedure- like hysterectomy, myomectomy, sacrocolpopexy, ovarian cyst removal, removal of ovaries for cancer reduction purposes, endometriosis resection, removal of pelvic adhesions.

In order to be a candidate for a da Vinci:

A) A person has to be cleared for surgery.

B) A person has to be able to withstand a position of Trendelenberg (you are tilted backward on a table in order to be able to see into the pelvis). Most people have no issue with this position. Exceptions are morbidly obese patients and patients with compromised lung or cardiac function.

C) The pathology has to be below the umbilicus. So if a uterus, fibroid or ovarian mass is so large that it fills the entire pelvic cavity, then the camera can’t see around it nor safely see instruments.