Why Do Many Women Ignore Unpleasant Gynecological Symptoms?

Unfortunately, women of all ages are guilty of avoiding a visit to their provider when they’re experiencing unpleasant gynecological symptoms. Some hope that the symptoms will simply go away. Ignoring or wishing away a medical issue may be tempting (and easy to do!), but gynecological symptoms or changes to reproductive health are not in the…

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Can Pelvic Prolapse Be Prevented?

What is pelvic prolapse? Also called a pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic prolapse occurs when the vagina, uterus, small bowel, bladder, or rectum falls from its normal place. What causes pelvic prolapse to occur? Pelvic prolapse can occur when a woman’s pelvic floor muscles are weakened. Prolapse is most common post-childbirth. It is also common during…

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The Easy Way to Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor

A weakened pelvic floor could lead to pelvic prolapse, a condition in which your pelvic organs will actually drop, or “prolapse,” from their position within your body because your muscles aren’t strong enough to hold them. Pelvic prolapse most often occurs post-childbirth, and it can also occur during or after menopause. The condition isn’t as…

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Does an Abnormal Pap Smear Indicate Cancer?

What is a Pap smear? A Pap smear or Pap test collects cells from your cervix for analysis. This test looks for abnormalities, including cervical cancer. A Pap smear may be performed during a well woman exam with your gynecologist. Results from the test are typically available within 14 days of your visit to Urogynecology…

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UTI 101 With Dr. Wittenberg: Chronic UTIs, UTI Treatment and More

Dr. Heidi Wittenberg, Director and physician at the Urogynecology Center of San Francisco recently answered some of the most common questions asked by patients about UTIs (urinary tract infections). Urinary tract infections are actually quite common, as many women will experience a UTI at least once in their lifetime. Check out the Q&A with Dr….

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When Is a Heavy Period Considered Abnormal?

Sometimes a period can be heavier than it normally is, but then it returns to what you expect the following month. This experience of a heavy period can happen from time to time, but what if your period is always heavy? Is a heavy period “normal”? And at what point should a woman with a…

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7/22/2015        Incontinence Managements and Treatments Community Health Resource Center
 California Pacific Medical Center, SF CA 5/27/2015        Hematuria Diagnosis and Management Lecture One Medical Group Grand Rounds, SF CA 4/14/2015        Pelvic Surgery and Minimally Invasive Approaches Grand Rounds at Saint Francis Medical Center, SF CA 3/25/2015  …

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Cervico-Isthmic Cerclage and Cystoscopy Surgery

In the following video, Heidi Wittenberg and Michael Katz give a step by step commentary of a Cervico-Isthmic Cerlage and Cystoscopy, while in San Francisco, California. If you have questions about this procedure or think that you may be a candidate. Dr Michael Katz, a high risk obstetrical specialist, is an expert in cerclages. In…

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Experience, Compassion and Proven Results

DR. HEIDI WITTENBERG IS A UROGYNECOLOGIST in the vanguard of board certified Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery specialists. Director of the newly opened Urogynecology Center of San Francisco, she specializes in minimally invasive techniques and alternative treatments for incontinence, prolapse, ovarian cyst or fibroid removal, and women needing hysterectomy. A few of her innovative…

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