UGCSF Patient Shares Her Experience with Interstitial Cystitis

A patient of the Urogynecology Center of San Francisco recently detailed her experience with interstitial cystitis and how she is feeling post-diagnosis after trying a few different treatment plans. You can view the patients’ blog post here. We invite patients to learn more about interstitial cystitis, including how the condition differs from a urinary tract…

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Is Urinary Incontinence a Normal Part of Aging?

We’re accustomed to hearing that as we grow older our bodies will change, with new symptoms to match these changes. More often than not, the changes associated with aging are common, even expected. In a way, this is fortunate, as it means that even with unpleasant symptoms there are likely effective treatment options available and…

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Why Can’t I Hold My Pee? Learn about Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is quite common, especially among women. Many women (up to 95 percent) will experience the loss of bladder control during their reproductive years and through menopause. What are the different types of urinary incontinence? There are four main types of urinary incontinence: stress, urge, overflow, and mixed incontinence. Stress incontinence refers to an…

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