Dr. Heidi Wittenberg Attended “Robot Night” at Alvarado Elementary School

Dr. Heidi Wittenberg was asked by Saint Francis & da Vinci to attend a “Robot Night” at Alvarado Elementary School in San Francisco. Dr. Wittenberg taught students about da Vinci robotic surgery, including how the robot console works and why it’s an important technique for surgeons. Below is a photo of Dr. Wittenberg at the event with Grace, age eight. Dr. Wittenberg actually delivered Grace when she was born.

Robot Night pic

Dr. Wittenberg and Grace at “Robot Night”

Dr. Wittenberg was thrilled to visit Alvarado Elementary School for “Robot Night” and for the opportunity to teach a younger generation about the benefits of robotic surgery. We invite current and prospective patients interested in learning more about the da Vinci surgical system to contact UGCSF today.