Gynecological Care at UGCSF

The Urogynecology Center of San Francisco (UGCSF) offers full-spectrum gynecological care to women of all ages. Led by Dr. Heidi Wittenberg, UGCSF provides comprehensive care for a woman’s entire pelvic region that includes routine preventative exams as well as advanced surgical and therapeutic techniques to treat hidden issues or other pelvic problems. By offering expertise that moves beyond the limits of a traditional gynecology practice and into the field of urogynecology, UGCSF can better serve the needs of every woman who comes into the office looking for exceptional reproductive care.

The Bay Area’s “Best” in Gynecological Care

Dr. Wittenberg is UGCSF’s founder and leading physician. She is a top gynecologist in the San Francisco Bay Area and is also one of the country’s first board-certified urogynecologists. Her unique skillset allows her to address both traditional gynecological concerns as well as problems with the pelvic floor, bladder and rectum, creating a superior level of care that is currently unmatched by other Bay Area gynecologists.

Dr. Wittenberg was named one of the Bay Area’s “Top Doctors” of 2016 by San Francisco Magazine, one of Marin’s Best Doctors in 2015, and was peer-nominated as one of San Francisco and the Bay Area’s Best Gynecologists of 2015.

Urogynecology Bridges Traditional Care with Specialized Treatment Options

Patients coming in for routine gynecological treatment may not know that certain problems like fibroids, endometriosis, pelvic abnormalities and bladder issues actually require specialized care. These problems can sometimes be hidden for years and, once discovered by a regular doctor, generally require a referral to a specialist.

Dr. Wittenberg’s training in urogynecology allows her to successfully treat almost all women’s issues herself. This includes therapeutic and surgical options for less common problems like pelvic prolapse and urinary or fecal incontinence (which many patients are embarrassed to reveal or mistakenly assume it’s part of getting older). She uses minimally-invasive robotic da Vinci surgery to remove fibroids or ovarian cysts, relieve the pain of endometriosis and repair the pelvic organs.

At UGCSF, experience, skill and compassion are brought together to dramatically improve a patient’s quality of life. Learn more about our gynecological services: